An exclusive service apartment development designed with the allure and comforts of a hotel with its contemporary, hotel-inspired design concepts and facilities.

Your Gateway to a new Sanctuary of Bliss

Come home to your own private, hotel-inspired residence where a hushed whisper of serenity is a prequel to the excitement that awaits you.

Step Beyond the Threshold into New Vistas of Residential Bliss and Comfort

You are immediately greeted with an ambiance of elegance and sophistication carefully created with luxurious refinements where you can relax in or entertain visitors. To add that personal touch, there is also an exclusive 24-hour concierge attending to your every desire and need.

The Ambience of Al Fresco Dining

Savour al’ fresco dining experiences in your favourite eateries amidst a ground floor facade that exudes style and elegance.

An Idyllic Oasis of Rest & Relaxation

This Ninth Floor retreat is resplendent with a hive of recreational activities catering to residents from children to adults.

Unwind amidst an Elevated, Recreational Oasis

Bask in the placid waters of an infinity pool with a good view of the gymnasium whilst the kids play in the playground with a jungle gym. Or have a game of tennis at the court on the same floor.

An Invigorating Workout with a Splendid View

Exercise in the comfort of a well-equipped fully functional gym with a bird’s-eye view of the urban landscape outside.

A SkyLounge for Pensive Relaxation

Kuchai East’s SkyLounge is the ideal escapade you can retreat to after a hectic day. From this vantage point way above the ground, you can rest, read a book or treat yourself to scenic vistas of the surrounding cityscape.

A Haven of Tranquility on Top of the World

Savour the cityscape whilst you frolic in the pristine waters of the cosy infinity pool.

Revel at the Enchanting Serenity after Dusk in a Cruise Liner-inspired SkyBar

Unwind with a cocktail at the exclusive SkyBar as you luxuriate in the ambience of its distinctively unique cruise liner-inspired design.